Compliance Procedures

Why Should You Be Compliant ?

The compliance process ensures a secure and cybercrime-proof trading experience for you. We follow international laws governing financial services. Therefore, we are bound by international financial regulations to procure identification documents and protect our customers against financial frauds and identity theft.

What Happens to The Documents?

Our compliance department ensures that all documents submitted are genuine, relevant and valid according to international standards. The verification of these documents not only safeguards you, but also enables you to begin your trading career.

Required Documents

Proof of Identity

We will need a scanned and colored copy or a clear photograph of your National Identity Card, international passport or driving license.

National Identity Card

International Passport

Driving License

Note: All 4 corners and all the details in your identification document should be clearly visible and of good quality. We will not accept blurry documents.

Proof of Address

Can be a scanned and colored copy or a clear photograph of any utility bill (Gas/Electricity/Water) or a bank statement. The document should display your full name and residential address as well as a date of issue. It should not be older than 3 months.

Proof of Payment

We need a scanned, colored copy or a clear photograph of the front and back of your debit/credit card.

Hide the 12 first digits
of the card number. The last four digits, name and expiry date of the card should be clearly visible.

Hide the CVV (3-digits number)
& the last 12 digits
on the back of the

Hide the CVV (3-digits number) & the last 12 digits on the back of the card. The cardholder’s signature on the signature strip should be clearly visible.

Investment Testimony Form (ITF)

The Investment Testimony Form (ITF) should be filled out and signed by the account holder with all the deposits records. The form should have a hand-signed signature same as on Identity Card. Click here to request the form.

For a step-by-step guide of our compliance procedures, please request the KYC/AML Procedure Guidelines and follow the instructions accordingly.

Note:To be able to withdraw your funds, you need to be fully compliant with AML procedures.

Steps to Compliance

Gather all the above mentioned documents. Make sure they are of good quality.


Send all your documents to [WFXt]


Our compliance team will review your documents and contact you if there is any issue.


If you are not able to submit your documents due to
technical issues, please contact our support agents at
[Firestonpro Fx] or live chat with them.

If you have any compliance-related questions, you
can contact our team at
[Firestonpro Fx]

We thank our customers for meeting the compliance requirements and applying the AML rules.
We take pride in protecting our traders from fraudulent activities.

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