Index Trading

Index trading is the most preferred by traders as it meets the needs of those who like to focus on the volatility of the stock exchanges but do not have the time or interest to conduct thorough research into separately quoted firms.

Index Trading with Firestonpro Fx

Index trading, is a collection of stocks that have been arranged together based on specific requirements. S&P for example, consist of shares from 500 leading companies based in the U.S., and the Dow Jones Industrial Average incorporated the top 30 most traded shares.

Rather than focusing on separately quoted firms, in Index trading you can open trading positions based on a broader market perspective which makes trading indices more appealing to traders. Traders can also gain exposure to all companies in the index, which allow for a great deal of diversity.

Why Trade Indices

Easy To Learn

Traders only need to acquire a larger perspective of the stock markets when trading indices. It therefore removes the need for extensive levels of fundamental and technical analysis. See best ways to learn about Forex Trading

24/7 Trading

Since different indices are linked to different time zones, the performance of Eastern indices for example can impact the opening of the Western indices. Excellent trading opportunities can be created by this and with a bit of research, traders can acquire extra insights into how exactly Wall Street will respond to overnight trends when it reopens at 09.30 EST.


Indices also allow traders to diversify their trading portfolio. For example, with stock trading, a trader is at the mercy of just one company’s share movements. In index trading, you achieve an effective diversification of risk.

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